Moving home is the ultimate double-edged sword. Of course, you get to enjoy new neighbourhood, perhaps a bigger home, and all the excitement that comes with making your Lincoln home your own.

Yet to get that point, there is the weeks and weeks of changing utility suppliers, weeks of packing and several sleepless nights wondering if you have done the right thing.

Would it surprise you that on average 1,164,970 homeowners move home every single year in the UK, yet only 703,000 private tenants move home each year?

So, it appears that homeowners move home more often than tenants, until you realise that there are 18.14 million owner occupied homes and 5.62m private rented homes in the UK

Meaning every private rented home changes hands every 4.25 years what every owner occupier home changes on average every 15.5 years.

Nevertheless, we were surprised to learn the average British tenant moves home every 4 years and 3 months.

We at Walters’ Property understand the stresses and strains of finding and then moving into your new Lincoln home, yet with our help and guidance we will make it as smooth as possible, both from the tenants and landlords’ point of view.

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